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Julia Cecil Provonchee began her professional career working in the non-profit sector, focusing on human-human relationships and interaction, but soon realized her greater interest in the human-canine bond. From the history of domestication, up through the development of a working relationship, and now to the intricate and nuanced daily lives as they are lived together, humans and dogs offer a continued source of fascination.

Her experience in assessing, creating solutions for and implementing plans to improve quality of life for humans and animals has honed the following skills:
– Clear and succinct communication of information and solutions to improve the human-animal bond
– Focused, engaging and effective problem-solving skills
– Proactive decision-making in fast-paced, high intensity environments
– Current knowledge of and experience with products created for dogs of all ages and breed types
– Development of training programs, educational handouts and enrichment exercises for dogs

Additional skills:
• MS in Anthrozoology, the study of human-animal interaction, with a specific focus on human-dog interaction from behavioral, psychological and cultural perspectives
• Extensive experience researching and testing products for dogs of all ages and breeds
• Has worked with over 300 dogs and their guardians in the Portland metro area
• Advanced knowledge of dog-bite prevention, education and preparation for expectant families and families with young children, including safe dog-infant, dog-child interaction

Julia especially enjoys working with reactive dogs (fear-based, frustration-based), helping them to overcome their fears and uncertainties in order to live more happily in the world.

Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you enjoy reading these thoughts about our domesticated little buddies!

Basic Information:
Name – Julia Cecil Provonchee, MS (Anthrozoology), ABCDT (Honors), BA (Psychology), BA (Religious Studies)
Email – JuliaProvonchee@gmail.com
Current residence – Portland, Oregon
Hometown – Camden, Maine

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