“Predicting and Handling Aggression” in dogs, a lecture with Sue Sternberg

I’m in the process of watching an excellent series of lectures on dvd, “Predicting and Handling Aggression,” given by Sue Sternberg (2011). She just mentioned an interesting aside that I thought I’d share. When talking about what a “friendly” dog looks like, specifically when a dog sees his/her guardian/owner, “his eyes will squint, his ears will go back and his forehead will soften,” descriptions every dog person can certainly agree on. The point of note though comes next when she cleverly notes that isn’t this also the case when we, as humans, see someone we like and then smile? Our eyes squint or soften, our ears move a bit (perhaps dropping back slightly), and our foreheads soften. Sternberg then wonders, if we had larger, more expressive ears like dogs would we notice our ears going back (against our heads) as well?

Check out a clip from the lecture: YouTube
(note: when talking about a noose lead, this is specific to work with shelter dogs in a shelter

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